Fie on you treble jig

I think my new treble jig is going to be the death of me, if not by making my feet combust from friction from all the trebling I'm doing, then by me beating my head aganist the wall because my lower half just cannot seem to get it. I know the steps perfectly fine in my brain (and hands), turn off the music and I got it (mostly). I know what it is I want my legs to do, they just don't respond in the way I want them to. I hate not being in control.

I also dislike when the suede sole on my ghillies starts to pull away from the other leather. I'm going to go plead with them to not let this hole get any bigger until I can afford new ones.

In other news, I still love slip jig (but it needs work of course).

Goals: RHYTHM WTF, how to pay for new ghillies?
Days till NANs: 164

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