I'm not dead, I swear...

...this semester has just been too hectic for me to concentrate on dance until the end is near (when I realized nationals is about three months away). Between the Snowmageddon, kidney stone, and my boyfriend of two years ending things, I haven't had mych time to focus on dance.

Reel and hornpipe steps are really agreeing with me. I love the quickness and sharpness of the reel (although sometimes I get carried away with the running steps). My favorite part of the hornpipe is that is seems slower than the treble jig. I am not rushing around, and I get to do lots of pretty moves on my toes. I am learning a new set to go with this pair, Drunken Gauger. It's treble jig timing, so when I do well at the Oireachtas this year and qualify for worlds (hehe), I don't have to learn and perfect a contrasting set in a couple months. That is assuming senior ladies keep reel and hornpipe from nationals. Don't even get me started with that...

Maple Academy recital and St. Patrick's Day Month
(because I have actually been dancing things in my absence...)
St. Patty's Month was quite eventful for me. My boyfriend ended things two weeks before St. Patrick's Day, and I'm quite glad that was the busiest time dance-wise for me. I didn't spend those first two weekends alone. The first was devoted to our school's dance recital, the second to Shamrockfest and two other performances (all in one day), and the third to one more random performance.
Shamrockfest was very wet and rainy. We didn't dance at our scheduled time, and after I left for another performance we ended up making up for it by dancing with the band Carbon Leaf.
I didn't do anything special on the actual St. Patrick's Day, other than go to my normal dance class. There were two performances at a pub in DC, but being that I was in class, it was rather impossible to attend.

I'm actually doing this in between doing back treble drills, my "resting" period so to say.

2010 feis preview:
CCE feis, May 30th (registered)
Old Dominion feis, June 19th (registered)
NANs, July 4th and 5th
Nation's Capital, July 24th
Delaware feis, August 8th
Baltimore feis, September 18th
Rhythm of Ireland feis, October 16th
Feis Culkin, November 7th
SROs, December 3rd-5th

Goals: Finish learning Drunken Gauger, perfect back trebles
Days till NANs: 69

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