Oireachtas Workshop, Day 1

I spent four hours dancing tonight and loved every minute of it.
Today was day one of a four day workshop to get everything sorted out for the Oireachtas. I've gotten my slip jig sorted out, and I am no longer doing the two steps I hate. Yay! I've got a new second and half step that I think will suit me much better. I also have started learning my set dance, The Hunt. I've gotten the entire step down, and mostly with music. I'm hoping to finish learning it Wednesday. All in all it was very exciting, and I can't wait to do it all over again in two days!

Although I could go without the sore quads and aching calluses.

Speaking of the Os. . . my hotel is booked! I'll be staying about a block away from the venue, at the Westin, which, I have been informed, has an ice skating rink in it! (Because I won't be busy dancing or anything. . . ) My mom and I are trying to plan something fun to do in Dallas since we've never actually stopped there long enough to leave the airport; however, I don't know if I'll be needed for the figure on Sunday.

Goals: Get the new SJ and set to music and take video of them
Days till Os: 109

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