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This was originally written for my entry to the Elevation-IDM video contest, which even though I didn't win, I am extremely proud of.

What does Irish dance mean to me?
Irish dance is the pride of getting your first solo dress, the excitement of your first feis, and the ecstasy of winning your first award. It is the delight of moving your first dance into novice, of finally getting into champs, of winning your first major.

Irish dance shows the beauty and grace in every person with each leap, spin and jump. It is the power and strength found in us at the hardest trials in life. It is the glimmer and sparkle, found not only on the outside, but within each dancer.

Irish dance is: those silly girls at class who you’re quite certain could be your sisters. It is the devoted parents and significant others, that have never missed a competition or performance, and are always willing to be there. It is the girl at that feis who lent you her extra socks when you forgot yours. It is the joy that fills you when a dancer you’ve had since the beginning wins worlds.

Irish dance is the happy smile of ‘nailing’ that one step, the warm-fuzzies of achieving a goal, and the determination that got you there. It is the thrill of winning, when hard work pays off, and the promise of tomorrow when things don’t go well. It is the tears that came with the rough times, the sweat and hours of practice, the blisters and the sore muscles.

Irish dance is realizing you’ve been through all of that, and finding you are that much more of a person because of it.

Irish dance is every treble, every beat of music, every dance. It is your first pair of poodle socks, your first performance, your first pair of ghillies. It is every smile, every tear, every joy. It is winning, and losing, and the road along the way.
Irish dance is my kind of world.

Goals: Be prepared for Oireachtas camp next week, mentally and physically
Days till Os: 113

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