Workshop review and possibly Texas?

Just finished up my first ever dance workshop a week ago. What did I learn?

  • Team dances are more than just having people dance sevens here and clap there. There are stories of ancient kings and new princesses, the hours of practice (and still I only know the first quarter of the dance), the bruised knees and blisters. There are smiles when you nail it, tears when it's frustrating, and disappointment and guilt when you disrespect the choreographer.
  • Patience and courtesy are key.
  • My soft shoe sucks apparently. Well, it's not as strong as my heavy shoe dances. That explains the results at Old Dominion...
  • It is possible to alternate working for two hours, and dancing for two hours for twelve hours straight.
  • Its also possible to survive a four hour ceili workshop on three hours of sleep.
  • It can take an hour to drive to Vienna.
  • People are likely to give you strange looks when you limp into CVS, only until you buy more Ace bandages and Advil, then they sympathize, even though they think "Riverdancing" is just a few hops and cuts.

And thank God, my parents have finally said they're getting started on travel plans and stuff for Texas. The one monkey wrench in the situation is that my dad may be going out of town that weekend (of course) so mom would have to stay home and watch my sisters, meaning I will be at home too, since I am just a few years shy of being able to get a hotel room and rent-a-car by myself. Grr.

Goals: practice soft shoe for Nat Cap
Days till Os: 151

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