Halfway to prelim!

Holey mackaroley!

Feis report: Old Dominion feis
It was such a long (HOT) day, I was there at 8am helping run the green stage, which was very handy since all my dances were on that stage one after another after lunch. It was the quickest dancing at a competition ever, and I didn't have to wait on other stages or worry about missing my competition. All feiseanna should be this way. Big shocker of the day: despite the fact that my hardshoe still needs ton of work, I managed to get a first in both treble jig and hornpipe in prizewinner. Phew. Now I know my softshoe needs a lot of work, I didn't place in reel or slip jig. I hope I get good comments back from my judge... One of the best parts was I got to stay and help check in the prelim 18&O competition, which is what I'll be doing once I win my slip jig. So I scoped out my future competition. Muahahaha (not).
Up next: Nation's Capital, July 26

So in short, what this all means is that I'm nearly there to achieving one of two goals I set at the beginning of 2009 for dance:

  1. Become a preliminary champ dancer
  2. Recall at the Oireachtas

Both, I'm now certain, are now achieveable, and I'm psyched to know that. I can't wait to start learning my Oireachtas level steps, my new non-trad. set, and the 8-hand. Right now, I'm very happy I'm an Irish dancer. Words can't really describe what it means to me to come from a little girl of 12 watching Lord of the Dance for the first time, to starting dance as a new college student, and achieving in a year and a half what others have worked a long time for. I'm so happy I've had this passion in my life for so long, and my love of the dance has never waned in the 8 years I've known about it. Irish dance is truly my kind of world.

Goals: sharpen up softshoe
Days till Os: 167

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