Why slip jig, why?

Feis Report: Nation's Capital Feis
So Sunday was the big day when I was supposed to move up my slip jig to prelims, alas, I won my reel instead. Up to date, I have won every dance in prizewinner, except the one I need. The feis, overall went very well. My dances were all on one stage again, pretty much right in a row. The improvement on this from Old Dominion is that the judges switched around and I had three different ones. The floor, thankfully, was covered with the type of rubber mat we dance on in class, so the floors has the perfect amount of traction, unlike last year's parquet floor (ICK). The hotel was very air conditioned (yay), and the whole thing was pretty well organized (except the awards table). I also won my treble jig for the second time in a row, as well as placed third in my hornpipe. I'm really satisfied with how I did overall, especially with doing my new slip jig lead and not messing up. Who knows, I may have placed fourth, but since results were $4 to buy, it was not worth it at the time.
Up next: Deleware feis, August 9

I am so relieved that the first dance done for championship competitions and majors is hard shoe. It is obviously my strongest since I've won every time I've competed these steps (three times), so the judges will get a good first impression of me (hopefully). I just really need to figure out what is going on with my slip jig. It's honestly the only thing that's holdong me back. I guess in these next two weeks before Deleware, I will be perfecting my slip jig.

Goals: perfect slip jig
Days till Os: 130

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