My Slip Jig is a Treble Maker

Feis report: Delaware feis
This may have been my most stressful feis of late. I overestimated what time lunch would be, and ended up arriving at the feis just before lunch break at 11:15, leaving myself 30 minutes to eat, do my make-up, and warm up, since my first dance was the second one after lunch. Luckily, I'm a speed deamon eater and the competition just before mine had 36 people in it...
I have been working on my stage presentation, aka, smiling while I dance, and I hope it has paid off a bit. I felt like I was having more fun than ever on my dances that I've already placed out of. I was totally concentrated for my slip jig, it being the only dance I STILL need to win. I got off the stage, totally confident. I swear it was the best slip jig I've ever done, and... I GOT SECOND. My slip jig's just messing with me now. I also placed 2nd in treble jig, and 3rd in hornpipe.
Up next: Baltimore feis, September 19th

I WILL win slip jig, I WILL win slip jig, I WILL win slip jig...

Upcoming: Oireachtas workshop Aug. 17-21

Goals: Work to improve turnout, especially on slip jig and treble jig.
Days till Os: 117

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