Treble Jig Time!

Here's my last of four dances (phew):

This is also a dance I'm going to do at the Oireachtas this December. I've got a non-traditional set dance to learn eventually, just in case I get a recall, which is what I'm gunning for. Anywho, lets get on with the critiquing!
Good stuff: Nice slices
Needs work: Hitting all my clicks (though this is better than my hornpipe I think), kicking my butt, especially on travel pieces, getting all trebles, holding arms back (sometimes I kick them on cuts), and turnout (of course).

I'm going to give myself a rest tomorrow before the feis to make my shins happy. All this dancing, even with my Jubilee floor, and they really do hate me. I've had these for about four years now, thanks to tumbling on a cheer floor for high school gymnastics. They mostly go away with rest. For the year and half between gymnastics and Irish dance, they went away, and everything was dandy. Three months into Irish, though, and they were back. Now, they like to travel between both of my legs (I originally had them only in my right leg, but now they're mostly in my left).

What do I practice when I can't dance?
I like to go through everything in my head, imagining myself doing it perfectly. I "hand dance" to music. I make sure and stretch, and do shin exercises. I will do low stress cardio (stationary bike), and leg/core stengthening.

Goals: Do shin exercises every day, get prepared for Old Dominion feis
Days till Os: 169


  1. Anonymous20.3.10

    im just learning my treble jig i know lead around side step and 1st step

    from jasmine
    age 10

  2. What shin exercises do you do? I've just come back to Irish dance and struggle with really bad shin splints...


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