No Slips in This Jig

OW. My %$&*#!@ shin splints hurt. But because I love everyone who reads this blog, here is my slip jig:

Now, this is one of the dances I'll be doing at the Oireachtas this year. I don't think I'll do these exact steps, I'm already learning a new lead, which I almost have on my right foot. :] I'll post that when I get it down pat, I've got the summer to work on it. So for this video:
Whats good: Leaps, kicks, and I've got bicycles down on my right leg, yay!
Needs work: Crickets, double pumps in the back, kicking my butt on hops, flutters, bicycles on the left leg, and turnout (always).

Saturday is feis day! My school is hosting the Old Dominion feis, and I am going to help run the green stage all day, except for when I'm dancing on it. I'm excited and not excited about helping. I have to be there god-awful early in the morning, but hey, I get to hang out with dancers all day! Vive la danse! Woohoo.

Goals: TJ video, practice for Old Dominion, go to gym
Days till Os: 170

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