Hornpipe time!

This is today's hornpipe:

I'm not sure how I'm feeling about it. My shins have been killing me all day.

Strong points: High slices, new hair cut so hair doesn't flop into face all the time.
Needs improvement: Hitting the clicks on click throughs and slices, getting ALL trebles (I got most of them), sharpening it up (landing of slices with feet crossed, pointing toes, cuts to hip), and as always, turnout.

My dance classes are now done for the summer, not counting the ceili workshop at the end of this month, and the week-long Oireachtas worshop in August. Now it's really up to me to keep my rear in gear about practicing, especially with a feis each month. I've been thinking about an effective weekly practice schedule for the summer, and have basically some down with this:
Monday: Softshoe
Tuesday: Hardshoe
Wednesday: Go to the gym (cardio/weights)
Thursday: Softshoe
Friday: Hardshoe
Softshoe and hardshoe will always come in sets: reel/hornpipe or slip jig/treble jig. Obviously, as the Os draw nearer (or I move to prelim), I'll be practicing slip jig/treble jig more.

Keep your eyes peeled for Old Dominion feis report this weekend!

Goals: SJ/TJ videos, practice for Old Dominion
Days till Os: 172

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