My Reel, Right Now

Finally I got around to getting my dance floor set up over the weekend! I'm so happy:

Anywho, since that's fine and dandy, I also started to take video of my current dances. I will be starting with reel. Yes, I did mess up the end of the first step on my right foot. Pretend it's a hop23 and not a birdie-type thing...

Good points: My leaps and kicks are so high!
To work on: Sharpness. I'm always being told to pointe my toes when my legs are extended, but I may also need new shoes since these are a bit baggy. Freezing my jumps more. Turn out, always. Marnie says I've got everything else, and my dancing's great, I just need more turnout!

I'm using my new music from Total Irish Dancing. Isn't it great? Look for more sound clips from them for my other dances, which will hopefully also be up, one each day as well!

Goal: take video of slip jig, treble jig, and hornpipe
Days till Os: 178

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