Mini Update: Oireachtas 2k14

Feis Culkin

  • I'll start with the fact that I'm pretty sure that most everyone who placed in the top 50% of the competition are not senior lady dancers. The 18& over open competition was full of tough competitors from the younger age groups.
  • I placed in my hard shoe round which was a shock to me since I think that it felt weaker than my slip jig that day. I was excited to get a Hershey bar!
  • I ended up placing 12th out of 17. What was most frustrating to me was that two judged agreed on their ranking of me, while one placed me second to last. I am quickly becoming tired of scoring inconsistencies and how they can seriously make or break a dancer's overall placement.
  • Also, the Washington Post had an article about this feis on their website recently.

Anyway, have a chocolate bar picture.
Goals (and things)

  • My Oireachtas goal is (as it's been for the past four years) to be a world qualifier. I have not suffered through eight torn ligaments and a surgery to not finally meet my goal of qualifying at the Oireachtas.
  • And things...  After the Oireachtas, I am planning on submitting my application to the Riverdance Trinity Academy International Summer School program. I'm hoping that having the chance to be a part of this week-long academy will give my dancing a new spark. I am feeling a slump in my dancing. It may be injury recovery, it may be Oireachtas stress, but regardless, I have not seriously put any effort in to show dancing, and I think it would be a great break from the competitive world.

Follow my adventures this weekend!

  • As always, I will be all over social media this weekend with updates on my dancing and other Oireachtas adventures. Be sure to follow any (or all!) accounts for up to the minute details on my weekend.

Goals: Relax a bit, finish packing, and DFTBA
Days till Os: 3

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