Shamrock Soaps: a product review

I had a chance to review two products from the Shamrock Soaps store on Etsy, which specializes in Irish themed soaps and other handmade and natural beauty products. There are even a handful of special gifts specifically for Irish dancers, two of which you'll get a peek of below! Overall, I found these products to be of high quality, and would recommend them as Oireachtas gifts, stocking stuffers, or a treat to yourself!

On Saturdays, we have a 45 minute fitness class, followed by three hours of dancing. Needless to say, this takes quite a toll on the feet, spawning soreness, and in my case, bunion pain. I decided to treat myself with the 'Dance On Your Toes' foot soak one afternoon when my feet were feeling particularly tired. I filled my sink with warm water, dissolved the sea and Epsom salt mixture, and stuck my feet in. It was a delightful 15 minutes of laying on my bathroom counter top. The foot soak smelled very nice (lavender). Afterward, my feet felt much more relaxed! Aside from residual bunion soreness, my feet felt like they hadn't gone through nearly four hours of intense work.

I also got to try out a sugar scrub called 'Championship Legs.' I found it to be a great scrub, and would compare it to the scrubs found in spa pedicures you can get at a nail salon. The morning of a feis, I took the tub of scrub, and here's what I did:

  • I shaved my legs, because that is always step one before a feis.
  • I scooped some of the great lavender scented sugar scrub out on my fingers, and scrubbed each leg four about two minutes.
  • Next up was rinsing the scrub off. My legs were left smoother than before, and also a bit oily.
  • Because I wanted to go beyond any level of smoothness my legs have been, I shaved again. This shaving wasn't to get rid of more leg hair, but to get rid of dead skin. Tip: rinse the razor often. Ew.
  • I scrubbed with Championship Legs once more. Then rinsed.
  • Since my legs felt oily still, I washed with my regular body wash before I dried my legs.
  • I moisturized with lotion next. I decided to forgo the fake tan for that particular feis.
  • Finally, I took time relish my smoothy smooth legs.

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Goals: Don't forget, rest days are important, too.
Days till Os: 32

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  1. I love Shamrock Soaps - Especially Kick Your Bum Foot Balm!


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