North American Nationals, Everything Else

I arrived at LAX and was delighted to share a Super Shuttle van with dancers from Boston and Vancouver.

I checked into the Hylton and was excited that I had a room that faced Disneyland, basically in-line with Cinderella's Castle.  I got to enjoy Disney fireworks from the comfort of my own hotel room for three of the four nights I stayed in Anaheim.

I spent some time practicing to limber up after a five and a half hour flight.

I met the amazing dancers of TapTronic.  They were truly the celebrities of nationals, especially with their live performances before awards on the 4th and 5th.  I was able to catch both performances, and even got a (slightly crummy because of the lighting where I was) video of Crave You, that you can watch by clicking here.  They have also released their own video of their time at nationals, which you should totally check out.

I met new friends and was able to hang out with other dancers in my region who traveled alone.  I can't wait to see them again at local feiseanna and the Oireachtas in December.


I had a really fantastic time at my photo session with Prine Photography that I won from the instagram contest.  There are a ton of fun pictures, and they all turned out wonderfully! (Some of my favorites are below)


Most importantly, I spent some quality time by the pool to enjoy the beautiful California weather.

Goals: Eat clean, train dirty!
Days till Os: 123

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