CCE Feis 2013

In my first local feis since 2011 (hello, injury year), I was able to debut my new look!

I am now the Star Spangled Girl With the Curls full time at every feis or major I will go to.  I cannot express just how much confidence wearing this beautiful dress gives me.  I am so happy with how it turned out from my initial concept, to Elevation's digital design, to real life dress.  I can now truly embody the spirit and fortitude of Captain America.  I'm not a perfect dancer, but (hopefully) a good person.

Being that I had only competed twice in the past year and a half, my feis morning was spent fighting nerves.  I was on an adrenaline high just from anticipation alone.  Anticipating competing, not forgetting my steps, and just how my new costume would go over.  Moving certainly helped my uneasiness.  When I found a quiet place or my own corner of a stage to warm up on, I was fine.  It was the sitting still that was the worst part.

Senior ladies were the first thing after lunch.  The stage manager allowed us to choose our own order for the day which, while not a mistake, is definitely not something most dancers want to do before we compete.  Personally, I'd just like someone to tell me the order so that we all don't have to piddle around and wait for a brave soul to volunteer to be first up.  Having danced with these ladies for years now, we just did the mature thing and played the nose game.

Somehow, I still ended up in the first rotation for reel.  My first round didn't feel completely horrible, but I felt bored by my steps (a problem which has since been solved).  My set round was something I was actually looking forward to for a change.  Since the Oireachtas, I have slowed the speed down by one click, and it's made a difference with my rhythms.

Although I didn't end up placing (7th out of 12, missed it by one measly point), I still feel like I'm right on track with my dancing.  This is one of the best placements I've had since I've moved to opens, and right now I'm after consistency (and improving my turnout and rhythms and arch...).  I also greatly enjoyed, and am still touched by, how many compliments I've received on my Marvel-ous new dress.

Goals: Master new reel changes
Days till NANs: 38

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  1. I love the dress! It's so awesomely Captain America-esque without being cheesy and "costumy" - and it's just pretty and flattering to boot! Way to go on the idea.


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