Mini Update

1. Just one week ago, I was in Boston for the World Championships   My figure choreography team had the chance to compete for a title, and we came just one place shy of a recall medal!

2. My new solo dress arrived the day that I returned from worlds!  I'm not ready to post a full picture of it yet (patiently waiting for the day when I'm all dressed up for a feis).  I'll tide you over with a sneak preview:

3. My red plaid dress will be up for sale shortly.  Check back later for more details!

4. Nationals update:
  • I will be in Anaheim July 4th through the 8th.
  • My TC has a vendetta to get us all super fit in the coming months, which I am really excited about.  I'm chasing after a recall.  I would be so happy with a recall.  Being fit with super stamina will help!
5. Summer feiseanna
  • As I sit here writing this, I'm fervently trying to register for the CCE feis in May.  I cannot count how many error messages I've received.  Fingers crossed that I get in! (Edit: I got in!)
  • I will also for sure be present at the Old Dominion feis because my dance school runs it.  I'm planning on both competing, and probably managing a stage.
6. As for other blog happenings, I will be playing catch up in this next month or so.  I plan to write about Boston over the course of four posting in the next month, as well as writing about St. Patrick's day and other random things I have to tell you about!

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  1. Anonymous9.4.13

    So glad you are back!


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