Mini Update

Injury recovery

  • I officially got rid of my boot this past Tuesday!
  • Round one of physical therapy began three weeks ago, and already there is a huge difference in the strength and flexibility of my ankle.  My PT likes to joke with me that he's not needed, being I just went through with all of these exercises less than five months ago... I told him I just need him for his machines and massages.  Also, he's giving me exercises to strengthen other parts of my leg and my core, which are useful.
Dance tidbits
  • Figure choreography practice is in full swing, and I can make it through dancing the figure!
  • This week, I will be going back to doing solo classes as well.  It's an experiment, since I need to do some soft shoe re-choreographing to compensate for injured ankles.
  • I will be dancing solos and teams at the Oireachtas.  I'm very excited and know that this year's journey will be appreciated 100% after the long string of injuries.
  • I began taking a weekly class at a local dance center that combines ballet barre work, yoga, and pilates.  I'm only in my second week of class, but already I feel stronger, but that's probably stemming from being sedentary since July.
Life tidbits
  • My first month of being a teacher is over!  Almost everything is getting easier since I'm settling into my schedule and routines.  The children are mostly adorable.  Except when they're misbehaving.
  • My first paycheck is roughly the price of a new Gavin.  I can't complain, this is more than I've ever made in my life.

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