The Traveling Feis Monkey: Maggie in Maine

I arrived in Maine to Maggie's house, and I think I only rested one day.

There's so much that goes into preparing for a school feis - it's almost mind boggling! I helped write competitor numbers, create score sheets, and helped order crystal and trophies!

Handing out score sheets!
I also helped Maggie with her dance blues... She's out for a serious injury and was really bummed she couldn't dance.  I joined her on her crutches.  It must have been nice to have a reminder of dance and where she knows she's going to get back to.

We spent a couple days off of just relaxing, including watching the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics!  I hope I can go visit London... It looks like such a beautiful place.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early.  The competition was fierce and I watched many great Preliminary and Open champions throughout the day.  I also got to watch the pre-beginners dance and recieve their medals!  I spent some time with foster mom Zoe, who competed in Prizewinner on a fractured foot--and still won some trophies.  All and all, this has been a great trip and I'm excited to continue on my adventure!

Emily and foster mom Zoe!
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