Blog Challenge: Performance Pictures

The Dance Buzz is doing monthly blog challenges, and while I may not have been up to doing all the months (yet), I feel the time is ripe for a new post to let you know I am not dead.

The May challenge is to post performance pictures.  These I'm about to share are from my dance school's recital in March of 2011.  They were taken by my mum.

A cool figure choreography shot.

Look at those lines!

My favorite, purely because of the wig motion.

Ending pose to our figure choreography.

Great leaping action shot.

Goals: Ease into dancing (!)
Days till Os: 197


  1. LOVE your school costumes! And are those navy tights?! When daydreaming about my future school's costumes, lately I've been picturing them to be navy :) Perhaps I should add navy tights to the dream. Gorgeous pictures!

    1. Thank you! These are the team costumes the older dancers get to wear, and yes, we're wearing navy tights. A great resource for good quality colored tights is welovecolors.com. I think it's a unique look, and you should go for it!


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