Adults at camp: Camp Rince Ceol

Being an adult Irish dancer has its perks.  From friendly feis atmosphere, to downright supportive competitors, we really are spoiled.  One of those missing perks until recently remained a summer camp that offered adult enrollment.  Adult camp counselor?  Fine and dandy.  Adult camp participant?  We'll have to check.  Until now, that is.

Camp Rince Ceol is in it's second year offering a fun camp atmosphere to those dancers ages 19-24 who wish to participate. As a camper, you receive the same schedule of classes an activities as the younger campers, but with perks.  Older campers are able to bring laptops and cell phones, though there are limits to when they can be used.  Along with this, campers have access to the college's common rooms (with free WiFi!) and the fitness room in case the day's schedule wasn't enough for you.  There is also an off-campus trip to a local restaurant one evening.

Interested in becoming a camper this summer?  Find all the information you need to register here:
Goals: Resist the urge to dance because the doctor has not cleared me.  Do all my PT exercises.
Days till Os: 216


  1. Way cool Sara! I didn't know about this!

  2. Anonymous30.4.12

    I went last year and it was a blast. The schedule was a bit rough on the body (stretch! a lot!), but I thought by the end of the week my dancing had definitely improved. I was pretty nervous about going because I was also juggling graduate school applications at the same time, but since I had a laptop and wifi I was able to keep up with everything I needed.

    If you're considering it, go! Its a fun chance to meet other young adult dancers in a non-competitive atmosphere.


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