Mini update

Injury recovery:

  • Last Wednesday, I started physical therapy.  Today was my fourth visit, and already there is improvement in my range of motion!  Most of my appointments have so far focused on getting rid of scar tissue by having an ankle ultra sound and massages which hurt like a bear.  I do have a small arsenal of exercises to build strength back up in my various foot muscles.
  • I go into the podiatrist again tomorrow, hopefully to get rid of my boot forevermore!  In celebration of this, I have purchased a special pair of "I get to wear two shoes again" shoes.


  • The dance world has now entered into a post-worlds lull.  Surprisingly, there is a huge sense of loss for me because I was spending all of last week checking up on results from the moment I woke up.  At least there are pictures still being uploaded to FeisPix, and Feisonista's style reports to keep looking forward to!
  • A huge congrats to fellow Maple dancers Colin B. and Miya S. on your recalls and placements!
  • I have probably watched this worlds dance drama about five times now, so I thought I'd share it with you!  I don't know what dance school it is, or what place they got.  I hope they won because it's fantastic.

Other things:

  • I start my long-term subbing job tomorrow.  I will be teaching music at an elementary school!  I hope to still keep updating my blog at least once a week, but bear with me if I skip a week...
  • Remember to enter my giveaway!  Entries are due this Friday evening!
Goals: do PT exercises every day
Days till Os: 233

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  1. Cécile in Paris12.4.12

    This is the Linday Fryday school and they got 3rd place.


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