Mini Update

Things I was doing before I was injured:
  • The week after the Oireachtas I learned all my new steps for the year.  Senior ladies are dancing slip jig and treble jig, so I have both those dances, as well as my new set for the year, Kilkenny Races.
  • As I was learning my new set, I thought it would be completely impossible because there are a lot of new rhythmic things I either had not done till that point, or needed some work.  After about a month, I had the whole thing finally learned and could perform without stopping to think.  There were still parts that needed lots of work (like the left foot of the step), but I could get all the way through!
  • I was in generally getting geared up for nationals in continuing to work on turn out and my overall dancing.
I went to the doctor this past Tuesday.  My ankle is beginning to heal up, and I can begin to walk with crutches and test out walking with only my boot.  I go in again this Tuesday coming up hopefully to get rid of the crutches and to get my orders to start physical therapy

St. Patrick's month is upon us already.  Although I won't be dancing, I do plan on attending what I can to support my fellow dancers and dance school.  I will post my full schedule at a later date, but look for me in the D.C. St. Pat's parade!

Since I can't dance quite yet, I'm taking the Mad Abs March challenge!  This is mostly a personal thing, since the February one failed around the time I hurt myself and couldn't catch up with what I missed.  Feel free to print it out and complete it yourself!

I attended my first pub session this past Monday night at Ireland's Four Provinces in Falls Church, VA.  While I did not dance, I did sing one song (I only really know one Irish sing well enough to perform).  I will learn more so I can contribute more!  I mostly enjoyed listening to what the others were doing.

I have started an Irish dance tumblr.  Mostly because there are so many fantastic Irish dance photos out there to share, and I want something more photo-friendly than this wordy blog!

Check out this article by Christy Dorrity for Feis America's online site at Irish Central.

Also, you may see a familiar face in an upcoming issue of IDM!

Goals: keep healing!

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