STFU about Solo Dresses

I recently sold my blue solo dress on Dance-Again. While I was planning on writing about saying good bye to a dress that has seen me move to open championships and travel with me to my first world championship in Ireland, I feel that the author of the Shut the Feis Up posts nailed it better than I could have. Onward to his post.

There comes a day in a mother's life where they have to learn how to let go of what's dearest to them: that moment when their only child grows up and is his/her time to move on through life, leave the house, and to go explore the world. In this case, Sara, mother of the blue solo dress, must courageously gather her strength to let her dress experience life with a new owner.

The solo dress is finally leaving its home with Sara, which has been loved for many years. The duckling separates from the flock and flies off on her way to Australia. Oh, the heart break that occurs when something so dear says their good byes. Her last image of Sara was of her sealing up the crack of the box she was placed in. The burst of light suddenly coming from the ceiling light, being eclipsed by the beautiful face of her mother Sara as she looks down upon her precious dress. But then the light slowly fades away at the collapsing of the flaps folding over, she was now alone and in complete darkness.
Sara put her child of many years up for adoption, when I say child I mean solo dress. She's shipping the dress off to her new home where hopefully she'll be just as loved as before. But with great loss comes great happiness, for a new dress has shown up into her life, but the old one will always be in her memories.

Like a son or daughter going off to college, she released her dress to go experience the world. Quite saddened by this tragedy that has suddenly struck her, Sara texted me for some moral support. I responded with, "Sara, it's ok, you had to let her go sometime, you should be happy for her. It is now time for her to go out on her own and explore the world. She's on her way to the great land of Australia to learn their culture and learn their way of Irish Dance."

Hopefully the blue solo dress stays in contact with her mother. A relationship like they had should never end.

Days till NANs: 158

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