The long and winding road...

It's been a long and awesome four years of dance.

FOUR. I can't believe I can say I've been dancing for that long.

I started in October of 2007 in a humble little adult dance class at a local dance school that closed down in the spring of 2009. If you would have told me on that night I stated dancing that I would be make it to the highest level of competition and attend a world championship within four years, I would have told you to get out of here. At that time, I would constantly be on Youtube looking up all sorts of dance videos. Four years ago, I just wanted to pursue a passion I had. Who cares where it took me. I just wanted to dance.

There are many things I have accumulated over four years:
Countless numbers of poodle socks. Awards up the wazoo. Dancer cards for every feis I have entered. A variety of wigs. Calves of steel. More make up than really necessary. Two different dresses worth hundreds of dollars. Bunions. Not to mention the friends I have made and the experiences we have shared.

And there are also the things I have done over four years:
Hanging out in bars underage. Performing at a rock music festival with hundreds of people in the crowd (and a mosh pit). Packing up every single dance item I own, just to attend a feis. Going out of the country for the first time in my life. Traveling six hours away with four other dancers to share a hotel and go feis before worlds. Being on a parade float.

On this Thanksgiving day, I just want to also mention that I would not be where I am in this world without the support of all my dance teachers (past and present) and the wonderful support of the dance community.

Goals: Practice Tr, F, Sa, Su, Tu, W, Tr, pack
Days till Os: 8 days, 21 hrs

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