Quick Update

1. Saw Jig this past weekend in Maryland with my boyfriend (who I think enjoyed it...). It was awesome as well as inspiring.

2. Strictly Irish Dancing: if any of you fellow American dancers haven't seen it, there is a link on the Drake school's website. It is a lot like Jig, but gives more background on the history of Irish dance, costumes, etc. rather than the focus being solely on the dancers.

3. My first feis of the fall is coming up this weekend (Rhythm of Ireland). My hopes for this feis will be to place higher than second to last (because that's the highest I've placed at a feis ever in open champs), and to make it through all my steps without having any major stamina issues.

4. I have decided my big focus before the Oireachtas will be on crossing my legs, for two reasons. One: because it needs work, and two: when I'm crossing m legs, my turnout is better and doesn't look as terrible.

5. My 4-year anniversary in Irish dance passed this past week. Expect a post on that soon!

6. As for STFU (Shut the Feis Up), expect that first post coming up this week!

Goals: Stamina, cross
Days till Os: 53

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