Announcing: STFU (Shut the Feis Up)

Due to me being so busy, and to keep my blog being updated semi-regularly, I will be having a guest blogger come in and start a new chapter of Rince go Bragh: STFU (Shut the Feis Up).

A little about this new blogger:
  1. He (yes, he) knows very little of the Irish dance world.
  2. His only Irish dance background is of seeing Riverdance as a child. (Which he frequently confuses with and subsequently tries to convince me is the same as Lord of the Dance)
  3. His first real foray into the Irish dance world will be seeing Jig the Film this weekend (as it's in theaters in my area) and attending the Rhythm of Ireland feis.
  4. Last but certainly not least, he's my boyfriend.
I thought it'd be interesting to hear about Irish dance from the perspective of someone who's never been exposed to our world before. How many times has a significant other been brought to a dance function, only for you to sit and wonder what they're thinking of and what their reactions are? How many times have you bored your snookums with epic tales of Irish dancing? My hope is that it's humorous and enlightening for us hardcore dancers to see and remember what its like from a non-dancer's perspective.

Goals: Cross, stamina
Days till Os: 57

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