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Been to Feisonista's Irish dance fashion blog? Well, you should. It's a great way to follow fashion trends and features the latest new in the Irish dance world at the end of the week. I was also featured as a 'Fashionable Feiser' and the article can be read by clicking here.

I was on the cover of July/August Feis America magazine with the other senior ladies from the Big Apple feis. (back row, center)

My dance school was featured in May/June Feis America magazine. I'm not in there, due to many different circumstances (doing figure during big group shot and not hanging around after figure awards due to tiredness). But still, that's where I live my Wednesday nights and some weekends leading up to the Oireachtas.

Ever tried searching through all those random St. Patrick's Day parade photos strangers take on Flickr or Photobucket? My guess is you'll find some of you that people took unbeknownst to you. My favorite so far:

Goals: drill steps, turnout
Days till Os: 76

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