Oakley Rebellion

Remember this?

The contest closed shortly after World Championships, and although I was not the grand prize winner, due to your support and votes on the Facebook contest, I won for the month of April! I am now taking an opportunity to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, for without your support, I would not have won! I should be receiving some nice Shaun White Holbrooks in the mail anytime now, and I will think of Irish dance every time I wear them.

Here's the official website featuring the winning video entry.

I find it interesting that I was one of two women who entered the competition (I think). Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, or that it was open only to men, but it is interesting. I do suppose the competition was catered more to men. The prizes were men's sunglasses. The model videos are all of men (albeit, cute/sexy/hardcore men). I didn't purposefully set out to prove that I can compete with the boys, but now that the contest is over, I can certainly see that as an ulterior motive of mine, being that I have a competitive edge and a thirst to prove myself to others (read: I'm slightly cocky. What? I have faults too.).

For this contest, we were showing how we were rebellious, how we overcame obstacles in our life to succeed. My "rebellion" in the beginning was how late I started dancing, and how I still succeeded. My "rebellion" was how Irish dance is not mainstream, and here I am entering a contest for a company known for superior mainstream household names like Shaun White and Lance Armstrong. My "rebellion" after the fact was that I was a women entering a mostly men's contest, and showcasing an art form and a culture to those who otherwise wouldn't have see it. The 1300 views my video has proves that.

Goals: Get ready for Old Dominion, keep up with new non-dance workouts

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