Why I've been MIA

At dance class two weeks ago, I had one of those moments. You know, the "what the heck am I doing?" moments. Sometimes, especially these past two weeks, I feel like I took on too much. Who's brilliant idea was it to procrastinate classroom observation hours and finding someone to student teach with, prepare for the world championships, AND plan a voice recital the week after that? Oh yeah, mine. The entire dance class, all I could think of was how I was NOT ready. How I had too many other things to get done. When was I going to find time to practice? When would I sleep?

It took a pep talk from two other dancers and my dance teacher to realize that in the grand scheme of things, I shouldn't worry or put too much pressure on myself. At the time, that'e not what I really wanted to hear. A week and a half later, it's exactly what I needed. Yes it's the world championships. Yes, I care how I do (I do want to get a smidgen of a point). Here's what I was told: It's my first world championships. I should go out there and enjoy the moment. I got this far, to even say I qualified is an honor. I have put in my time practicing since I found out I had the slightest chance of going. I get to travel to another country and participate in something prestigious. My turnout has actually improved. Breathe. Enjoy it.

And a week and a half later, it all makes sense.

The last official dance class I had this past Wednesday went well though. I could breathe and make it through my steps. I was definitely more chill. So I may not be top ten material (Congrats Miya S.!!), but I will do my best, and that's the best I can do.

So, why I've been MIA: I have been using every spare moment to put towards school work, or dance, or sorority, or work. My Google calendar would scare most people.

Goals: Pack
Days till worlds: 4 (leaving in 2!!)

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