Inspirational #10

Over the weekend, I made a video to enter into the Join the Rebellion contest from Oakley, in hopes of winning $400 worth of Oakley gear, and my video featured on their website, among the likes of Shaun White and Lance Armstrong among others. I didn't expect it to get many viewers, as it's just for a contest on Facebook. Little did I know that less than 24 hours after posting it, the dance.net community would find it, and it would have it's own thread.

< edit > The Diddlyi community has found it as well, and it's currently a featured video there, with the most views today. Who knew I'd go viral in the Irish dance world?! < /edit >

I am extremely flattered and a little speechless that everyone is praising how inspirational the video is. I did not mean it to be that way, and I sort of can't believe it in a way, that I'm inspiring others to dance, and even one person to come back from a 15-month hiatus from dancing. Did I mention how honored I feel? This is unreal to me.

I would appreciate if you would vote for me after you watch it! (Yes, you need a Facebook) And thank you for your support and the kind words!

Goals: Stamina
Days till worlds: 17

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