The moment of truth...

Stamina improved... Check.
Dances perfected... As much as they're going to be.
Legs tanned... Check.
Everything packed... Erm, not quite, but I have a list!
Homework finished... Define finished...

Looks like I'm pretty much set to head out to Dallas. My plane leaves late Friday afternoon, putting me there sometime in the evening. My competition, luckily, is NOT the first thing in the morning Saturday. I start heavy round after the U17s finish theirs.

Am I excited? ABSOLUTELY. Dance goal number two of 2009 is about to be realized, which is a neat feeling. I'm not so much nervous as I am anxious. This is something completely new, and while I've been to huge competitions before through gymnastics, I have a feeling this won't be quite the same...

Random dance encounter:
Driving home from Target the other day, I pulled up next to a white SUV with a ghillie magnet on it. I got instantly excited; Irish dancers are rare. Pulling up past the car, I spy a solo dress, and finally see that it's someone I know through feiseanna! It was quite a neat experience.

Have I mentioned how much I love the Irish dance world?

Goals: Pack! Breathe!
Days till Os: 3

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