I'm thankful for...

...The opportunity to start dance as an adult; it had been my passion for over five years before I had the chance to begin dancing, and being able to fulfil that small dream brings me unsaid joy every day.

...The willingness of others to teach me, from the Tuesday night dance crew, taught by an adult dancer at my former school, to joining said dance school when I exhausted my first teacher's knowledge of steps, to the openness I recieved from the TCRGs when I had to transfer to my new school.

...The little dancers in my classes who never cease to inspire my love of dance as they smile, giggle, and most importantly have fun while working hard. Seeing their faces as they dance and interact with their dance friends brings me back to when I was eleven.

...The dancers my age, who dance with all the power and grace I hope to have someday.

...The friendly competitors I have danced with over the last year and a half, who are always willing to chat stage side, and don't mind lending you bobby pins when your wig comes off. The graciouness and humility I have encountered at feiseanna astonishes me, coming from a sport where other athletes would not give you the time of day.

...The chance, after only two years of dancing, to attend a competition as large and prestigious as the Oireachtas, to be able to say I have competed at a national and world qualifier aganist other dancers who will go on to do amazing things. I hope to take away as many positive things from this experience as possble.

Goals: get everything ready...
Days till Os: 8

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  1. Kasia2.12.09

    Best of luck at the SRO! I have been reading this blog for a few months now... It's been so awesome to read about your journey! We have talked before on IDM; my screen name is Kasia is Irish. I'm also an adult who started dancing in college. I'm going to start at a school that will actually let me compete (finally!) in January. I can't wait. You are such a big inspiration... Thank you for setting such a great example for dancers of all ages!


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