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Feis Report: Rhythm of Ireland (ROI)
My very first prelim feis! I think I did well, considering. I got 8th of 15 dancers in the prelim competition, and considering my goal was to not place last, I say I suceeded quite nicely. I was just one place away from getting a trophy, which is encouraging... I also competed my set (The Hunt) for the first time, and while I got 6th out of 9 dancers, I'm pleased with my performance of it. I love the venue of the Williamsburg Marriott. There's plenty of space to practice, and everything's set up very well. The prelim stage (and accompanying hall) was absolutely ENORMOUS though. I got practice showing off my travelling (or lack of) skills.
Up next: Feis Culkin, November 1st

I'm really very excited. The 2010 SROs will be held just down the road from where I live (if you think of 395 as near my house, which it's not...), at the Gaylord in National Harbor! I'm looking forward to next year, but I also realize I've still got to get through this Oireachtas first... Oh dear. Am I feeling ready? I guess more so now that I have at least one prelim competition under my belt. My goal for this Oireachtas is to recall. I'd be so thrilled with a recall. Making it to nationals would be icing on the cake. Making it to worlds, I might die right there on stage.

Goals: Place in top half of my prelim competition at Culkin, PRACTICE EVERY DAY
Days till Os: 47 (eep!)

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