Onward, Upward, and Over to Prelim!

Can I have your attention please:
Goal number one for the year accomplished. :]

Baltimore feis report:
I may not have done as well as I hoped, I still didn't place first in my slip jig. I ended up getting 5th place. I also ended up with a 2nd place in both reel and treble jig, and many fearful glances from my competitors, however, I reassured them this is the last time I'll be in prizewinner, for their own sakes... I also love dancing on stages, which I go to do for my two soft shoe dances.
Up next: Rhythm of Ireland, October 17th

So I never got first in my slip jig, how am I in prelim, you ask?
Well, I did place first in my reel, and you do only need a first in a soft and hard shoe dance...
Yes, I may have cheated the system a little, but I need to practice this competition format for the Oireachtas, which are coming up in SEVENTY FIVE DAYS.

It's a bit of a neat feeling, to be a championship-level anything after only doing something for two years...

The new dress!
Two year anniversary of starting dancing

Goals: get videos up here for TJ and The Hunt already! Prepare for ROI...
Days till Os: 75

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