How I got here: 5

How I got here: Capital, Level 8

My first year of level 8 had its ups and downs. On the positive side, I began to get over fears I had dealing with certain events. I also finally began throwing my signature no-fail vault I had been working on ever since my time in Arizona. By the our state championships, I had also done well enough to represent Virginia in the Region 7 all-stars competition, which is kind of like the B-team for regionals.

On the not-so-positive side, I wanted to quit the whole sport all together, but mom said no, her reason being that I didn't have anything active to do; I wanted to start Irish dance classes and be in marching band. As for why: maybe it had something to do with the fact that my coaches were Russians. You do not mess with the Russians. They yell. They're cold and hard. They don't care that you're scared. And why? Because they know you can really do it. All you need is to be screamed at a bit, just enough to get scared and start crying. There's no room for wimps or BS in their gym.

In the summer between both my level 8 seasons, I began working in a new group with a new coach who would push me on to greater things. (But more on that later, he deserves his own post.) Under his tutelage, I certainly improved and picked up new skills faster than with my previous coaches (weekly private lessons didn't hurt either). With his help, I ended my season my winning vault at our state championships and qualified for the actual non-all stars regional team. That was all fine and dandy until a week before regionals. I was working on a new tumbling pass. I broke my ankle. I was done for the season.

Goals: work out tri-weekly
Days till Os: 120

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