Late spring feiseanna: a mini update!

In April. I was on a blogging roll. And then May happened and I fell off the roll. Now it's June, and it's summer vacation, so I'm bring back the weekly blogging since I know this summer will be full of dancing adventures! So, let's bring you up to date with the goings on since late April.

After the McGrath Feis, I attended two more feiseanna: the Hurley Feis and Feile Rince Charlotte. There's nothing too exciting to speak of about these feiseanna since the most notable thing that happened is that I was placed last in both competitions. I know I didn't screw up my dances the days of the feiseanna, so I can only guess that others outperformed me and the judges didn't like my style. It's worrying to drop from third overall to last so close to nationals (especially since Hurley was nearly the same set of competitors as McGrath), but life goes on, and I go back to dance practice.

Hurley Feis
I am continuing with my dance theme of the year where I have fun and enjoy the moments, and as such have not set a placement goal for nationals. Yes, of course it'd be nice to recall, but I'm at the point where whatever will happen will happen. There has been some self-doubt in my dancing the past few weeks due to the recent feis placements, so we'll see what happens on July 4th.

Also! In just shy of one month, I will be overseas for the Riverdance Academy! I will be in Dublin from July 12-18, and then I will be in London until July 25. I am super excited to be a part of the inaugural Riverdance summer school. I am planning on bringing my laptop since I know there will be WiFi, so hopefully this summer of weekly blog posts won't be interrupted while I am training and on vacation!

Thanks for reading this ramble of a post. I hope next week to bring you something a little more cohesive.

Goals: stamina and stay healthy. Drill HP lead
Days till NANs: 14

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