Boston Bash: Days 3 and 4

Thursday, March 28th

Like Wednesday, Thursday was a frenzy of running around everywhere in Boston.  The morning was a special nod to Big who loves the Red Sox.

The middle of the day was my team support moment for the junior girls eight hands and figure choreography.  It was also my first look at the worlds stage I would soon be dancing on.  While watching the junior ceilis, I was mentally planning how the senior figure would look on the stage.

Maple junior girls figure
The night was a hectic nearly nightmare of late buses and north of Boston suburbs coupled with wine and paint.  The end result is pretty good if I say so myself.  (If you live in a major metropolitan area, I highly suggest looking into wine-and-painting night deals on LivingSocial or Groupon!)

Friday, March 29th

Friday was strictly dedicated to watching each second of the senior ladies solo competition.  I was there most to support the two dancers from my school in the senior ladies competition.  I was there to catch up with dancers who I hadn't seen in a while.  There was also a part of me that was there to see the top dancers in my age group completely rock the stage.  How could I pass up the opportunity to watch Claire, Olivia, Nadine, Simona, and Siobhan?  I couldn't is that answer.

Me, Emily, Colin, Kelly, and Nora.
During lunch, I played around on the stage.

Then recalls were announced.  It was a tense and overwhelming experience, and I wasn't even dancing!  Getting to watch Claire Greaney's set dance was one of the most fabulous and inspiring moments of my dance career.  I think it was perfect.  I also made sure to record which dancer did which set, and I took my data and compiled it into a pie chart upon my return from Boston.

After watching dancing all day, my little group was ravished, so we went on a search for Mexican food and margaritas.  We stumbled upon this trendy Mexican restaurant a block and a half away from the dance action that just happened to be participating in Boston's Restaurant Week.  It was a win-win situation.

Goals: finish all the Boston blog posts!
Days till NANs: 51

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