Solo dress designs

Lately, I've been a little bit obsessed with designing solo dresses.

A lot of my designs are inspired by gymnastics leotards I see.  After being a gymnast for a large chunk of my life, I can't help but to pull inspiration from these designs.  Many of the leotard designs you see at a competition are asymmetric designs and flashy with rhinestones.  As such, I have always wanted an asymmetric solo dress since before they were the thing to have. (How hipster of me.)

It's my secret goal in life to see these designs turned into cloth-and-rhinestone physical beauties.  Especially for other dancers to wear.  Any takers from dressmakers?

(Note: all dresses are watermarked with my tumblr URL because a) that's where I've been posting them, and b) I don't want them stolen.)

Goals: Practice Friday and Saturday since I've been in Cedar Point the past few days and there's a feis this weekend
Days till Os: 137


  1. Love the Disney Princesses inspired designs!

  2. I say the same as Maggie. The princess dresses rock!

  3. Ah I'm not alone! I briefly did gymnastics as a kid but always loved the leotards- in fact my favorite dress that I've designed is based on one of my university's leo designs :)

  4. Ha, this year's Mainland Europe Oireachtas will have a themed treble reel - an the theme's Disney World :D


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