STFU about Feis Nightmares

So as I’m on my way to feis umber one at 8 in the morning, all I can think about in my mind is how cool and interesting it will be to witness my first feis. Another huge reason why I was excited for it is because this would also be the first time I’d get to see my girlfriend dance at a competition, so I was also very excited for her.

What I thought would be a fun, easy going day turned out to be a long, repetitive day of the same music and the same metronome tick-tocking over and over again. I managed to tough it out with minimal complaints. A quick run to McDonald's helped me recover from the hours of sitting on my butt, and the sweet tea gave me energy to make it through the last couple hours. ...Forgot to mention, the night before the feis I stayed up until 4 in the morning, woke up at 7, drove the two and a half hours to Williamsburg, and I still prevailed through the long day at the feis… Am I a beast? I think so.

Getting past all the negatives: Finally the time had come to watch Sara perform. I frequently asked her if she was nervous and always got the same answer, “No.” I can admit that I was nervous for her; honestly my heart was pounding when I saw her up there. It was like she mysteriously transferred all her nervousness to me through some strange girlfriend powers. I was a bit worried because she was sick and had pink eye. I just wanted her to perform well! Turns out, she placed for the first time (which I told her over and over again that she’d do)! I’m so very proud of her. It put a huge smile upon my face. After the feis, I crowned myself her “good luck charm” for since it was my first feis and her first time placing, I gave her the good luck! Being able to see her perform was absolutely worth it in the end, nothing made me happier than to see her dance, because I know it’s what she enjoys doing and what is currently her passion, so of course I’ll be there to support her.

But oh it doesn't end there. After the long drive back home, Sara and I were both exhausted. I congratulated her one more time and we both went our separate ways off to bed. Finally laying down in my bed, after three hours of sleep the night before, I easily fell asleep in my bed. To my horror, not only did I have one dream nightmare, I had three of them. All about Irish dancing. Yes, in reality I did escape the feis, but in my head while I was sleeping, I could not. All throughout my sleep, I dreamt about being at the feis, hearing Irish music play constantly, and every time the metronome ticked it was like a woodpecker was pecking at my brain. I did manage to wake up and go to work after a very unsatisfying sleep. All day at work, I found myself humming most of the songs I heard at the feis. They were all permanently stuck in my head. Even to this day, I still find myself humming them (especially Planxty Drury).

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