Mini Update

1. Feis Culkin: Out of 16 dancers, I got 16th. I was particularly disappointed in the moment because it was the best I had ever danced to date, and being that I placed so well at Rhythm of Ireland with so-so dancing, it was slightly upsetting.

2. I'm getting a new dress for the Oireachtas! Stay tuned for pictures as soon as it arrives. I also have a new wig I'll be wearing at the Oireachtas. (and with that, new make-up look, etc.) The coolest thing is that I have Hollister plaid that almost exactly matches my dress. Hello color coordination...

3. Also updated in my look is that I've started taping the strap on my hardshoes white so it blends with my sock. So far, my foot looks cleaner. I can't really tell when I'm dancing, so this needs peer review on our Sunday practice.

4. We have been working a lot of stamina in class (three, then four, then FIVE steps), and while I had a bad day with that in class the other day, I got a comment on my set from one of the guy dancers that you can tell I've worked really hard and am looking good. Practice really does pay off, and that positive comment gave me an extra boost to know that my hard work has not been in vain.

5. I have found that practice is a good stress reliever when I've had a tough day with my middle schoolers. It's so nice to put on my hardshoes and pound away the frustration on the dance floor, rather than to dish it out on the students.

6. All the extra practice brings me to a confession: I really want top ten at the Oireachtas.

Goals: Cross, stamina
Days till Os: 14 days, 15 hrs.

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