I've got those 3-day workshop blues

So, I'd expect most dancers took the week off after worlds (maybe it was just me?). For the most part, I did relax and focus on my recital (see: And now for something completely different). BUT (knew that was coming, didn't you?) we did have three days of step-learning workshops the weekend right after worlds.

And this? Is the carnage after day 3.

I've got the shin splints going on and the toe blisters artificially remedied by duct tape. What you can't see is the hip that started hurting, which got slathered with Tiger Balm.

Besides that, I really do love my new steps. Maybe I love them because after two years, I am finally doing reel/hornpipe for an extended amount of time (hopefully...stay tuned). My favorite out of all these new things is my set, Planxty Drury. I can't tell you why, other than the fact that I picked it up pretty quickly. I just like it.

Goals: Figuring out how to apply turnout to steps, left foot of hornpipes

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