I don't think I've ever felt so NOT ready for a feis. I signed up for the Inishfree feis a few weeks ago so that a few of my dance people and myself can gauge how well we're doing in out worlds practicing. It dawned on all of us at dance practice yesterday that this feis? Is less than a week and a half away. There is so much I can still do with stamina (because it's bad), my turnout is still improving, and I have a lot to nit-pick... I will hopefully be in a better mindset for the Big Apple feis, which we're also all doing.

And also, I am becoming a slight hypochondriac. That pain in my shins? Oh, just my recurring shins splints, which is expected. The pain in my heel is new for tonight, and probably stems from wearing ballet flats and flip flops. Hopefully it's not seavers (like I said, hypochondriac). And this lovely picture is the carnage I got tonight from deciding to save my feet and not wear my jig shoes. I stubbed my toe in my treble jig.

Inishfree feis, Feb 27
Maple recital, Mar 5
Shamrockfest, Mar 12
DC parade, Mar 13
Big Apple feis, Mar 26
Worlds, Apr 22

Goals: Heal, turnout stretches
Days till worlds: 63

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