Huge Update, Part 3: Oireachtas Prep

Less than a week out from the big day...

My SRO 2010 looks a bit like this: solos, four hand, and figure. Due to new Southern Region procedure, we now have a three day event. I don't know how I lucked out (cough, sarcasm), but all three of my competitions are all back to back on the same day! Saturday starts off at 8 am with solos (All three rounds. Hardshoe danced three at a time. 53 dancers, 7 from my school.). Immediately after lunch is the four hand competition. Maybe about an hour after that is the figure. So basically (in summary): three dresses, one pair of poodle socks, two pairs of tights, and two wig changes later and I'm done and on to awards.

In general, Oireachtas prep has been no different than last year. Attending lots of extra dance classes, coordinating my million activities around dance... Same old, same old. One helpful addition to my practice schedule this year has been weekly meetings of us four Maple kids that all go to college. We commandeer one of the rehearsal spaces in the music building and just do our thing. I feel that we all work together very well. There is no competition between of us as to who the best is. We understand busy schedules. The other dancers don't make fun of how much I suck...

Despite the seriousness of dance, I am managing to have a lot of fun. I have crafted headbands for my four hand, and today, we just finished making our matching four hand shirts, which was an adventure within itself, since my other team members have never puffy-painted a t shirt before. I have also decided to psych myself out pep myself up and wear Irish dance gear all this week.

Goals: Don't forget about school work, re-curl solo wig, more rhinestones on solo dress
Days till Os: 6

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