Yes, I am still alive....

It's come to that time of year: my life is extremely busy. If I'm not practicing some dance, I'm attempting to get some school work done, knowing that the Oireachtas are less than twenty days away. Needless to say, my days are full to bursting. If there's ever a time when six or eight more hours are needed in the day, now would be it.

Feis Report: Feis Culkin
Well, this was an interesting
feis. This year's feis was held in a different location, which I personally like a lot less than the Mount St. Mary's venue. My competition went well, considering the following story: I was dancing my heavy round as usual, wheen partway through the left side of my first step, I felt my wig slipping off, which it did at the end of my first step. I somehow managed to grab it before it fell, all while dancing (I didn't miss a beat). Needless to say, I got a big applause afterwards. Despite the fact that I had a slight wardrobe malfunction, I got sixth overall in the competition, out of nine dancers. Again, not last!
Up next: Southern Region Oireachtas, December 5-6th.

My brain is on an Oireachtas binge:
Dancewise, I have mainly been focusing on stamina these past few weeks. As of now, I don't think my technique will change much, so I figure I might as well make sure I don't die before the end of my dances. Everyday I go over the order of the four-hand I'll be dancing. I still need a ton of work with the eight-hand, as I've only been through it once ever.
Logistics-wise, I've been figuring out how to transport all my dance stuff to Dallas safelty. My new dress bag should be coming this week, a only need to figure out a school dress for my four- and eight-hand dances. The schedule is also out today, which eases my anxiety a bit.
Appearance-wise, I am pretty pleased with everything (see photo above). I need to trim my wig, and tan my legs just a little bit so they match my face.

Goals: Keep working on stamina for the Os, go over 4-hand and 8-hand
Days till Os: 17

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