Time to Practice Away!

Yay, minor goal 1 was reached today: I set up all my Jubilee tiles, and even have a nice little speaker system to plug my iPod into for practcing. All I need to do now is get some mirrors, and I'll be set!

Music review: Total Irish Dancing Vol. 1
I downloaded this CD off their website last night, and it's great. The music is all really upbeat and uplifting, which makes it great to practice too. It's really hard to keep still while listening to it! The songs are all at least 3' 45" long, which is perfect time to do some drills, some steps, and even more drills... There are 12 songs on the CD. It is $16 to download off the website, and $2/song if you want individual songs. Definately a keeper.

Goals: Make current videos to post, buy mirrors
Days till Os: 181

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